Valkyrie Module 2.5 Released
    venndigram - 2004-06-09 07:13   -   Valkyrie Module
Seems the project is not that inactive as we thought...

Changes :
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Valkyrie Module goes Inactive
    venndigram - 2002-12-06 10:09   -   Valkyrie Module
On 8/12/2002 (Sunday), I (Carmi Grushko) am going to be drafted to the Israeli army, for a period of 3 years; thus I will be unable to maintain and improve Vaklyrie Module, which led me to change its Trove categorization to "Inactive". This said, Vaklyrie Module is nevertheless in a highly developed state, implementing virtually all features that were desired.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.4a Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-14 05:34   -   Valkyrie Module
Two issues reported by Hobgoblin are fixed -
1) The Limb Wizard will try to preserve children of limbs when changing limbs.
2) Path conflicts are once again reported.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.4 Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-13 11:41   -   Valkyrie Module
1) Persistency - replacing things like eyes and limbs : Valkyrie will try to preserve its accessories.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.37 Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-12 14:57   -   Valkyrie Module
1) More Wizard-related bugs are now fixed.

2) Single-click is enough for selection in
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.35 Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-10 07:17   -   Valkyrie Module
Valkyrie Module is a dedicated implant management system for characters of the Shadowrun RPG (and a little bit more).

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Valkyrie Module v. 2.31 Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-07 05:52   -   Valkyrie Module
1) Fixed crashing when clicking on "Find Path" in cyber-system wizards.
2) Added Skull branch into the limb wizard.
3) Fixed Body attribute bonuses when having cyberlimbs.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.3 Released
    venndigram - 2002-11-06 15:30   -   Valkyrie Module
The only dedicated physical body management software for Shadowrun characters.

Now with three Wizards - to ease the work with limbs and cyber-systems; accessible through the Tools -> Wizards menu.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.21 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-30 09:19   -   Valkyrie Module
1) Libraries: yep, exactly. Will allow full creation of items, including Fields and Accessories.

2) Nanite-Hive and Nanite-Hunters now can both specify a custom target-nanite name (simply type it in), and both can be selected from a drop-down list (click on the drop-down button on the right).
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.2a Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-29 12:17   -   Valkyrie Module
An exe-only release to quickly fix problems that were reported in the Dumpshock Forums. Simply replace the exe with Valkyrie.exe.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.2 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-29 10:43   -   Valkyrie Module
Valkyrie Module manages the physical aspect of Shadowrun characters; support includes all cyberware, bioware and nanoware from "Men & Machine: Cyberware". Now pretty much covers all related rules. And... it's the only one of its kind.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.1 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-22 16:44   -   Valkyrie Module
Valkyrie Module is an implant management system for Shadowrun characters; it deals with almost all aspects of cyberware/bioware according to Men & Machine: Cyberware.

The new version fixes some bugs which could lead to crash.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.01 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-20 11:03   -   Valkyrie Module
A little new feature - the Add Item menu is now broken every few items so it will fit on the screen.
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Formatted XDOM v. 2.1 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-15 11:07   -   Valkyrie Module
Sort of a "plugin" to the XDOM by Dieter Koeler (, which allows "formatted" or "pretty" XML output. Used by Valkyrie Module when saving XML files.
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Valkyrie Module v. 2.0 Released
    venndigram - 2002-10-15 05:24   -   Valkyrie Module
[Shadowrun related software]
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Valkyrie Module v. 1.89b Released
    venndigram - 2002-08-07 07:05   -   Valkyrie Module
I strongly recommend all users to upgrade to this interim version, as it fixes problems in the Save/Load engine that date back to about Version 1.3. These problems usually led to a crash. In a few days I'll release Valkyrie Module 1.9, which will feature a new Search engine and other goodies. In the meantime, it's better not to play around with the search engine; Other functions should work as expected. Thanks to Xiris for his bug report which led to an entire inspection of the save/load engine.
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Valkyrie Module v. 1.8 Released
    venndigram - 2002-07-31 02:33   -   Valkyrie Module
Version 1.8 of the implants management system for Shadowrun is out !
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Additional components for Valkyrie Module, v. 1.0
    venndigram - 2002-07-15 10:22   -   Valkyrie Module
A new release, additional components that are required for Delphi to compile Valkyrie Module
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Valkyrie Module v. 1.7 Released
    venndigram - 2002-07-10 17:20   -   Valkyrie Module
Shadowrun related: A dedicated cyberware management system for Shadowrun characters, version 1.7.

Now with much improved Property Editor and several tweaks in the Engine.
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Valkyrie Module v. 1.6 Released
    venndigram - 2002-07-04 08:45   -   Valkyrie Module
Version 1.6 of the dedicated implant manager for Shadowrun characters is out, now with Effects feature - Valkyrie now reports enhancements to attributes, such as Body (Dermal Plating 3 increases Body by 3 points).
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