Valkyrie Module is a support program for players of the RPG Shadowrun (Search in Google).
Players of Shadowrun should be familiar with the concept of implants - cyberware, bioware and nanotechnology. Valkyrie Module is an implant-management system based on "Man & Machine: Cyberware". Its goal is to manage every and each piece of implant in this book.

Character-management programs allow a player to customize his character's body, but Valkyrie Module is the only dedicated program for this purpose.

Key features :

  1. Manages the physical aspect of characters.
  2. Body is represented in a tree, allowing more accuracy (see below).
  3. HTML output.
  4. Search capabilities : manage the body in a flat mode (see below).
  5. Currently supports all cyberware, bioware and nanotech in SR3 and M&M.
  6. Uses XML as a native format, allowing web-applications of the data. (an XSL is under development)

Implants don't have to be flat...

Most players see their character's physical body as "flat"; Here's an example of flat representation :

However, in the Shadowrun reality, this isn't the case; Implants are placed somewhere...
Valkyrie Module represents the entire physical body as a tree, so that implants are placed somewhere. The data structure allows future applications, such as battle programs, that know exactly what piece of cyberware was hit.

Take a look at an output sample from Valkyrie Module.

...But they can be if you want

Sometimes it's better to work with a character in a "flat mode"; For example, when you don't know where a piece of cyberware can be installed. For this reason Valkyrie Module allows you to search the implant tree, so that you can quickly locate an implant and add it into one of the locations possible. There's a screenshot of this capability in the Screenshots section.